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Alpha Phi Omega Graduation Stole - Royal & Gold with Crest

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Coronavirus will not affect our production or shipping so you can order with confidence. Some schools are delaying commencement ceremonies but are still planning on scheduling them as soon as possible. Stay safe!

This Alpha Phi Omega Graduation Stole is royal satin with gold trim and gold embroidery of the Alpha Phi Omega letters and the sorority crest. It is a full length stole that will flow down the front of the graduation gown, which we think looks better than the shorter versions available from other vendors and we bet you will too!

You only graduate once so do it in Alpha Phi Omega style!


Once these are gone they are gone for the season, so ORDER EARLY!

Two Layer Satin Stole; Each side 44" long by 5" wide; Embroidered Letters and Crest; Embroidery thread matches trim of stole.

Proudly made in the USA